Cappadocia Paratrike – Paramotor

Cappadocia Paragliding Paratrike - Trike Price

Bring a totally different way of experience to Cappadocia with paratrike. You will live an air safari with at least 20 minutes of flying warrantied below valleys. You will experience this amazing sightseeing with exprienced pilots. You won’t have enough of seeing historical places like Uçhisar, Zelve, Başabağı, Valley of Love, Göreme and Kızılvadi from the air!

Cappadocia is under your wings!

The air vehicle that we call paratrike works with the push-power. The real difference compared to paragliding is that thanks to its rotors, it can fly as much as wanted. Fusing paragliding with paratrike brings different experiences together. When experiencing paratrike in Cappadocia, you have the chance to see all the valleys from the sky. You’ll have a new flying experience with your photos and videos. Our compagny warrants you 20 minutes of flying time. We will take you from your hotel and bring you to our flying center. This is, of course, a free service. Call us to experience the paratrike from sunrise to sunset.

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